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Welcome to my Kawaii Tour!

Kawaii Tour is a tour provided by Stella Lee to provide different experience in Tokyo, mostly to fulfil demand from women

I am trying to give you Kawaii Experience that is a little bit different than most of the tour. This Kawaii Tour is also supported and aired on NHK Kawaii International 
As a Japan Lover, I really want everyone to love Japan as much as I do. I know I am pretty biased but I think Tokyo is wonderful! 

A lot of readers of mine that I have talked to, told me that they wanted to visit Tokyo but they're too afraid to go alone as Japanese dont speak english, or they dont like itinerary that the tours provided
I may not be the best guide and I am not one either, but my love toward Japan is stronger than anyone! :D I have visited Tokyo countless times and I hope that I can help you enjoying Tokyo the fullest, like local! 


6D4N Tour

The tour itinerary might change depending on condition and weather [there's possibility that day 3 itinerary will be switched to day 5, and so on]

Day 1
Overnight Flight to Tokyo via Soekarno Hatta

Day 2
Reach Tokyo. Shopping at Harajuku area. We will visit Takeshita Dori, Daiso, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, La Foret, and La Duree Make Up. I will show you what to buy, my favorite brands, and my recommendation items. Depending on the schedule, we will visit a Kawaii Unique Cafe either in Harajuku or Shinjuku

Day 3
Shibuya Visit! See Hachiko, Walk on Scramble Crossing, Shopping at Shibuya109 and Don Quixote, and Jill Stuart Counter Visit. We will also visit Depachinka or kind-of Japanese Supermarket that sells foods, fruits, and sweets. 
After that, let's pamper ourselves at Tokyo Salon to get our hair styled, and try Purikura before strolling around Shinjuku. Depending on the schedule, we will visit a Kawaii Unique Cafe either in Harajuku or Shinjuku

Day 4
Tokyo Disneysea all day! I will teach you how to enjoy Disney to the fullest, how to skip long queue as best as we can, and arrange the schedule properly

Day 5
We will stroll around Asakusa and Nakamise Shopping Street to experience the traditional culture. Let's see Tokyo Sky Tree and shop in Tokyo Solamachi for cute items before we head to Odaiba and try Onsen Theme Park where you try Kimono, Foot Bath, and Japanese Hot Springs

Day 6
Flight back to Jakarta, Indonesia. If you want to extend, please let me know beforehand so I can help arranging your ticket

Please keep in mind that guiding you for the tour is not my main job, means I can't do it every time. I only open a slot when I am available. I am not a tour leader so please pardon any mistakes I will be making in the future. However I try my best to make your Tokyo stay enjoyable



At least 10 people are required for each tour. Maximum is 20 people per group

21th May - 26th May 2016 =
28th May - 2nd June 2016 =
11th June - 16th June 2016 =
18th June - 23th June 2016 = 

I will update the slot numbers frequently


The process :

  • After 10 people booked and paid DP, I will proceed for the flight and hotel
  • If the numbers are not reached until a certain deadline when I can't get a cheap ticket and hotel, I will cancel the slot. You can pick other slot available OR get full refund
  • If you decided to cancel the trip after you paid DP, you'll still be entitled to the flight ticket on your own, but the DP money is gone
  • Please complete the payment approximately a month before departure

Will you run away with my money?
My main job is a blogger, this is just a side job to have fun with my readers. I wont ever throw away my future career just for this money. A lot of people know my face already and finding me would be easy if I commit any crime

Why is it so cheap compared to other tour?
Although this is not as cheap as if we use a low-cost airline [which is EXHAUSTING], I cut the cost of transportation from bus to train. Keep in mind you have to WALK in Tokyo and use public transportation. Also for the hotel, we will use double bed at 3 stars hotel. For other tours, usually it's a twin bed with 4/5 stars
The biggest cost is the airline that takes 50% of the tour price, it's because I have tried both low-cost airline and great airlines. Believe me, the discount is not worth it. You don't have to waste time, receive cramped seat, pay extra fee for your meal, pay baggage fee, and so on.. I believe in comfort, with affordable price

Things to note =
  • There will be NO ONE to help carry your luggage
  • You will have to sleep at double bed with someone else. It's better if you come as a pair, but if you dont, it's obvious you'll sleep with a stranger, however the other person will be same sex
  • We will use public transportation, dont whine ok ;)
  • However from and to the hotel from airport, might be using shuttle bus
  • Depending on the schedule, I might not come or return with you on the same flight. If there are 2 slots settled on 2 weeks, say 14-19th May and 21-26th May, I might go to Tokyo together with the first group, and return to Jakarta with the second group. Or if there are jobs that require me to come earlier or stay longer in Tokyo, but this is just IN CASE. However I will pick up or drive you from and to Haneda Airport. 

I want something cheaper, I dont mind low-cost airliners
You can just find your own flight and we will meet in the hotel or airport! I will let you know the time the group arrives and we can gather together there. You can just pay the tour fee which the flight fee will be cut off
However, I dont recommend it for anyone who want to shop, or anyone who wants comfort, or anyone who doesn't want to waste time at airport

I am not from Indonesia, can I join?
Let's meet in Tokyo! As long as you can speak english, then you can talk and join the tour. However you have to arrange your own flight to Tokyo and transportation to hotel by yourself. You'll just have to pay the tour fee

Can I extend on my own?
YES. Just let me know the return date that you want and I'll proceed it. For the hotel, if you wish to stay at the same hotel, you can pay the hotel fee for me


Things you will get =
  • Return Flight Jakarta-Tokyo via Garuda Indonesia or any direct flight. Luggage should be 46kg's per person [with Garuda] or depending on the flight itself
  • 4 Nights at 3 Stars Hotel with Double Bed
  • Meals according to itinerary. Breakfast everyday (local Snack like Onigiri, Bento, Sandwich) and 2 times lunch/dinner
  • Transportation using Shuttle Bus and Train 
  • Entrance ticket to Tokyo Disneysea
  • Entrance ticket to Onsen Theme Park
  • Hair Salon experience [hair styling]
  • Pocket Wifi for group
  • Me, as the tour guide ;) 

Things that's not included =
  • Visa, Passport, and other forms
  • Excess baggage
  • Meals outside itinerary
  • Transportation outside itinerary [like, if you want to stroll somewhere after the tour]
  • Extension trip

With the price of =

1099 USD

Down Payment is 50%, the other 25% is paid a month after your ticket's issued, and finished the payment a month before departure

If the slot you pick is cancelled due to out of promo ticket stocks, the Down Payment will be refunded FULL

Okay, so how to reserve?
Please mail me at stellalee@hotmail.co.id with this form =

Name =
Age = 
City and Country =
How many people join? =
Can you eat Pork? =
Can you eat Raw Fish? =
Slot that you want = [please put as many as possible of the slots that you can join]

See you guys in Japan ^.^

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